Cody: Clicking Beat on the Brink of Nada Book reviews


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By turns funny, romantic, erotic, and sad, this evocative novel brilliantly recreates the landscape of late adolescence, when friendships seem eternal and loves reincarnate. Set in Arkansas but first published in Amsterdam under the title Clicking Beat on the Brink of Nada, Cody quickly won praise from reviewers and readers across Europe and North America and caught the attention of William S. Burroughs and other writers who befriended the young author (Hale began writing the novel when he was sixteen). The first edition of the book was immediately banned in the United Kingdom during Margaret Thatcher’s Operation Tiger. Today, Clicking Beat remains current and continues to be unique in both coming of age literature and the gay literary canon.

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Shane Pennell

Shane Pennell rated it      

A book that literally changed my life and that I’ve read multiple times. It got me through some dark times and I treasure it perhaps more than any other book. The new version is even better than the first version I read. I love these characters so much! I’ve always wished there was a sequel or a film.


Tony rated it      

Perhaps my favorite coming of age novel. I agree with Roger that this is one of the classics of gay literature. No question about that. It’s beautiful, profound, and has characters that live in your head long after you’ve finished the book. It’s a very special novel.


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