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Nothing seems beyond a doubt when Bree opens a cold-case file with clues too close for comfort.Arson. Theft. Murder. When Bree Nicholls discovers a corpse in her own basement, a whirlwind investigation ushers an unbidden danger to all she holds dear. Without safe haven in her lighthouse home–or in the arms of a new love–the young widow struggles to free her family from the tentacles of an age-old crime that strikes at the heart of Rock Harbor.

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Kat rated it      

this is the series of the lady who found her son after her husband was killed in a plane crash in the woods.

her boyfriends teen sister , who he is raising, got preg by the drs no good son. he was into smuggling beer and cig’s from Canada.

the lady who runs a dog search and rescue training, found a skeleton in her basement of the lighthouse she owns. turns out there was a theft of jewels from a ship wreck, and the men involved were found out.

at the end of the book she was in a new firemans arms when her boyfriend, the park ranger , saw them and turned his car around. seems like they are broken up.

Marika Chunyk

Marika Chunyk rated it     

A good heartwarming story that brings the past to the current. I love how she brings the love of God and being a Christian into the story without making it predictable and everything just easy with prayer. Multiple stories are involved to setup for the next book in the series. I love the search and rescue dogs too that help with finding the man that wants to steal his daughter away with him since he does not have custody. Has someone come back from the dead or has he just been away for a long time to return to save the one he loves?

Randy Tramp

Randy Tramp rated it      

Bree Nicholls opens a cold-case file. Arson. Theft. Murder. Then Bree discovers a corpse in her lighthouse basement.

The setting is in untamed Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I was drawn into the story and not released until the end. Interesting and thrilling. The plot thickened as the story progress, generating questions along the way. I enjoyed the operation of a canine search-and-rescue team.

The book tackles today’s problems. I love how scripture is weaved throughout the story, giving hope in troubling problems. Prayer’s the way. God is the direction.

Misty Wilson

Misty Wilson rated it      

Another excellent book in the Rock Harbor series! This book was filled with mystery, intrigue, joy & sadness. Ms. Coble does an excellent job keeping the readers attention and making it difficult to guess what the final outcome will be. Finding this series very difficult to put down!


Sheryl rated it     

This is the 2nd book in the Rock Harbor series. Bree and Kade find a dead body in her basement wall which starts a whole new mystery. Another man, Nick, wants to be part of her life so the tension between Bree and Kade cause problems and misunderstandings. Davy tends to Bond with Nick, he apparently looks similar to his dad. Break ins at some cabins, Kade’s sister finds picture of Bree and Anu in one of the cabins and fears for their safety. More intrigue and suspense. Another great mystery. I would like to see a little more romance! Good clean Christian mystery.


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