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Sigue la trilogía del Vatídico de Robin Hobb, una de las autoras más admiradas del género fantástico.Aunque maltrecho, Traspié ha sobrevivido a su primera misión como asesino del rey. En la corte casi todos desprecian su condición de bastardo, de modo que decide permanecer en las lejanas montañas adonde ha ido a guarecerse.Sin embargo, unas noticias que reclaman su atención y un amor que se tornará inalcanzable lo urgen a regresar a Torre del Alce. Allí se reencuentra con las mortíferas intrigas de la familia real, mientras los Corsarios de la Vela Roja reanudan sus feroces ataques sobre la costa, dejando a su paso aldeas calcinadas y víctimas enloquecidas.El reino está al borde de la guerra y su salvación vuelve a estar en las manos de Traspié si acepta realizar el mayor de los sacrificios.

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Muhtasin Oyshik

Muhtasin Oyshik rated it      

Royal Assassin(Farseer Trilogy,#2 Realm of the Elderlings,#2)
This book makes it incredibly easy to emotionally drain oneself. As the second book of this series, this book has surpassed my expectations. Engaging characters. Interesting setting. Robin Hobb has a wondrous way to express complex emotions and internal struggles. As a fan of the slow-paced fantasy novel, I am certainly not disappointed.

The man who must brag for himself knows that no one else will.

Excellent Book

Deborah Obida

Deborah Obida rated it      

That was incredible! I have no idea how to even begin this review because this book was perfect. The plot is one of a kind and the writing is so compelling, its my favourite thing about this series. Robin Hobb writes a classic type fantasy that is very comprehensible and addicting, The world is perfectly depicted. The politics is very well incorporated in the book, and it is a major factor of Fitz’s story.I so much love the character development of all the characters especially the newest addition to the characters, Nighteyes, that wolf is everything.

He blinked his deep eyes. You love too many. My life is much simpler.
He loved only me.
That is true. The only real difficulty I have is knowing that you will never trust that is so.
I sighed heavily. Nighteyes sneezed suddenly, then shook himself all over.

If only it was that easy. And that ending damn!

Verity left to search for the elderling to aid them in defeating the raiders. Fitz is alone with just Nighteyes for company. The king is sick and Regal will stop at nothing to become king, He still sees Fitz as a threat.(view spoiler)


Chris  rated it      

Holy crap, that was a good book. I made the mistake of reading until past my bedtime to finish. Not only did I lose some sleep before starting a work week, but I then gave myself a series of messed up dreams as my poor little brain processed the end of this book.


Not a lot I can say without spoilers. But Hobb is definitely moving up a few spots on my author list. Assassin’s Apprentice was a very good book. Intriguing characters in a (seemingly)simple but interesting world with a good story. It made me want to read more of the story of Fitz and the world of the Six Duchies.

But this damn book made me HAVE to read more about Fitz and the Six Freaking Duchies. Where Book 1 was a little slow moving as Hobb set up the characters and the overall plot, this one does not hold back. It’s not a roller-coaster ride, not until the last few chapters at least. But it’s definitely one that keeps interest all the way through.

Hobb’s strength is her characters. Especially in how they relate to one another. She creates emotional bonds between them that are real. When these characters hurt, so does the reader. There’s not just disappointment when something bad happens to a beloved character, but the pain of loss.

Intrigue. Twists and turns. Betrayals. Unexpected WTF? moments. Even the occasional burst of humor. Everything I read a book for.

Helene Jeppesen

Helene Jeppesen rated it     

I went into this second book of The Farseer Trilogy being a little bit sceptical. I’d heard a lot of people claiming that it contains too many pages and a lot of dull passages. I do see where those people are coming from, but even though not every page is action-filled, I still really really enjoyed it.
In this book, I grew even more attached to Fitz as well as the heavy cast of characters that are introduced in this sequel. I felt like Robin Hobb juggled a lot of more balls in this story which gave the world and the book more depth. I grew so attached to the characters that this is one of those books that I kind of regretted finishing. I wanted to continue reading about them – thank God there’s a sequel to this one as well!
If you liked the first book in this series, I highly recommend this one as well. In my opinion, it was even better than the first one, and I’m eager to see where this is going after THAT ending!

Jade Ratley

Jade Ratley rated it     

8.86 on CAWPILE, which is the closest to a 5 star a 4 star can get, only one point off.

I enjoyed this a whole heck of a lot, definitely hit me in the feels more than the first one did, but there were certain aspects of the plot I was not hugely into, and some parts that I definitely feel could have been more impactful for a book of this sort.

I have grown to love these characters and was invested in the main plot. I am incredibly intrigued as to where this goes next, can’t wait to read the third book.


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