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We are behind, and below, the scenes of JFK’s presidential election, the Bay of Pigs, the assassination—in the underworld that connects Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, D.C….Where the CIA, the Mob, J. Edgar Hoover, Howard Hughes, Jimmy Hoffa, Cuban political exiles, and various loose cannons conspire in a covert anarchy…Where the right drugs, the right amount of cash, the right murder, buys a moment of a man’s loyalty…Where three renegade law-enforcement officers—a former L.A. cop and two FBI agents—are shaping events with the virulence of their greed and hatred, riding full-blast shotgun into history….James Ellroy’s trademark nothing-spared rendering of reality, blistering language, and relentless narrative pace are here in electrifying abundance, put to work in a novel as shocking and daring as anything he’s written: a secret history that zeroes in on a time still shrouded in secrets and blows it wide open.Chosen by Time magazine as one of the ten best books of the year.”Hard-bitten … ingenious … Ellroy segues into political intrigue without missing a beat.” —The New York Times”Vastly entertaining.” —Los Angeles Times”One hellishly exciting ride.” —Detroit Free Press”A supremely controlled work of art.” —The New York Times Book Review

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brian  rated it      

To paraphrase kris kristofferson: if it sounds fucked up, man, that’s because it is.

Sometimes i chug coffee to the point where i’m glazed with sweat, red-eyed, about to crap my pants, and i throw my headphones on and blast either miles davis bitches brew or motorhead ace of spades. i sit down in front of the computer and write write write. and the result is exactly what you’d imagine from a mediocre writer w/a flair for the hyperbolic all hopped up on caffeine. not too good. imagine, however, if a brilliant writer, a demented rotgut-drunk coozehound of a bastard did what i did and laid out some genius shit… you’d have something like american tabloid.

For me, this book is the nearest representation of what 20th century american history feels like. fuck the facts, we’ll never really know what they are, anyway. and when ellroy’s riffing away and it’s preposterous and over-the-top and just fucking stupid, and it all leads to a plot by the american government and CIA to hire the mafia to put a hit on a foreign leader, i wanna toss the book aside because of how fucking implausible ellroy is and then i realize that this did actually happen and JFK did put a hit on Castro and JFK was banging starlets and whores and secretaries and that the whole thing, history and governments and agencies and outfits and syndicates and the whole damn mess, it’s really one big lumbering idiot, a big cock spewing messy loads of fear and anger and confusion all over the face of america, a sinister and hateful thing that we can never really truly decipher or understand and ellroy’s world of castro and kikes and niggers and whores and rednecks and hughes and hoover and JFK and RFK and KKK and all the parts of, what homo-hollywood-gossip-man lenny sands calls ‘the life’, are all toxic and diseased. and i don’t think it’s changed that much

Ɗẳɳ  2.☊

Ɗẳɳ 2.☊ rated it     

Okay, I will reluctantly post my first review here. Up to now, I’ve never really felt the need to do my own reviews. I’d rather leave that to the semi-professional book bloggers & “power users” out there. Who, quite frankly, are much better at it than me. Typically, once I finish a book, I merely post my take on whichever friends’ reviews I happen to like the most. I also find myself skimming many long reviews so I hope to keep this short. I’ll leave the synopsis for the pros. So without further ado, here’s my take:

“Wow! This is a tough one to rate. I loved the beginning, but it eventually began to wear me down. The writing style is so jarring, and there is so much story here (it felt like 1000 pages crammed into 600), and some parts just didn’t as interesting me. But I was way too invested in the story to throw in the towel, so I cranked up the coffee machine and fought through it. Then the strangest thing happened. When I upped my pace and quit trying to connect every tiny thread the story really took off, and the final third of the book was brilliant.

Dig that roller coaster ride. A 4-star whoosh outta the gate, lags to a 2-star middling slog, coming down the homestretch BANG 5 stars with a bullet!”

I greedily hoard my 5-star rankings for those rare books which I find little to complain about. Here the ADD writing style, overstuffed narrative, and an abundance of tedious minutiae drop this one down a bit.

Thanks to Kemper for leading me to this one:…


Melissa rated it     

B’s got a crush on Pete Bondurant from ever since way back when he first read The Cold Six Thousand but Kemper Boyd’s my guy – gets me every time with his classic compartmentalization (nobody likes Ward, but I have a little bit of a soft spot for him). I put off finishing this for as long as I could because I didn’t want it to end because it’s totally brilliant and because Ellroy does the passage of time so well that even though it’d been two days and I was halfway through it felt like I’d lived the same weeks the characters had , but sometimes you’ve got to just get right in there & figure out who’s going to get shot, so here we are. No complaints.

Gus Sanchez

Gus Sanchez rated it      


Yeah. Wow.

This was my first James Ellroy novel, and he did not disappoint. On the contrary, I developed a major hard-on for his hard-assed prose, and his dark, morally ambiguous characters – gotta say Pete Bondurant is now one of my favorite fictional characters ever.

I won’t bore you with the details or the plot behind “American Tabloid”, the first in a trilogy of works sketching out the nefarious doings of those in power, but if you love fiction that’s both hard-edged and replete with historical heavyweights – the Kennedys, J. Edgar Hoover, Howard Hughes, Sam Giancana, just to name a few – this novel was written for you. It does drag on a bit, and your patience and attention is greatly needed, but Ellroy pays off, in spades.

I loved this book so much I immediately began reading Ellroy’s second part to this trilogy, “The Cold Six Thousand,” just so I can see what kind of hinky shit Pete Bondurant and Ward Littell have gotten themselves into.

Most highly recommended.


Leonard rated it     

Like the milieus of Ellroy’s other books, that of American Tabloid is a wicked, wicked, wicked world. Ellroy has created a new genre, the historical noir, that integrates these named genres but taking them to the nth power of brutality and evil.

Like his other novels, there are cops, gangsters, movie stars and politicians, but there are no heroes, only characters seeking their agendas, working out their neuroses, brutalizing others, and in the end, just killing or dying. Yes, a wicked, wicked, wicked world it is.


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