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Lion is the heartbreaking and inspiring original true story of the lost little boy who found his way home twenty-five years later and is now a major film starring Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman and Rooney Mara.As a five-year old in India, I got lost on a train. Twenty-five years later, I crossed the world to find my way back home. Five-year-old Saroo lived in a poor village in India, in a one-room hut with his mother and three siblings… until the day he boarded a train alone and got lost. For twenty-five years.This is the story of what happened to Saroo in those twenty-five years. How he ended up on the streets of Calcutta. And survived. How he then ended up in Tasmania, living the life of an upper-middle-class Aussie. And how, at thirty years old, with some dogged determination, a heap of good luck and the power of Google Earth, he found his way back home.Lion is a triumphant true story of survival against all odds and a shining example of the extraordinary feats we can achieve when hope endures.’Amazing stuff’ The New York Post’So incredible that sometimes it reads like a work of fiction’ Winnipeg Free Press (Canada)’A remarkable story’ Sydney Morning Herald Review’I literally could not put this book down. Saroo’s return journey will leave you weeping with joy and the strength of the human spirit’ Manly Daily (Australia)’We urge you to step behind the headlines and have a read of this absorbing account…With clear recollections and good old-fashioned storytelling, Saroo…recalls the fear of being lost and the anguish of separation’ Weekly Review (Australia)

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Gina *loves sunshine*

Gina *loves sunshine* rated it     

In January I saw the movie Lion. I had no idea what the movie was about, my parents wanted to go see it and I thought great, I’ll go! The movie was really good!!! It was terribly sad, I cried numerous times! I found the whole story to be so moving, and I think I was extra sensitive because I have a friend going through a similar type adoption.

As we walked out of the theatre we all commented that the movie was so good – BUT, the movie told the story of Saroo until he was adopted and then did an immediate jump to him in college and his quest to find his home. We all wondered what it was like in his growing up years – so this was my quest to find out if the book told any different!

I listened to the audio of this book and I loved it!!! Highly recommend the audio! As for a straightforward book review, I feel like my view is a little skewed since going into the book I already knew the story, so no part of the book for me was slow, or boring. I thought the writing was great and the story very vivid – again I already had all the pictures in my mind, did that make a difference?

My biggest surprise, although should I really be that shocked?!?!? was how different the movie was from the book. Knowing the book is the actual real story from Saroo – you can identify the numerous times the movie story was changed to hollywood-ify it. too much in my opinion! Which is too bad – I think the movie could have been equally successful without certain implications they focused on. I was thankful to get the real story, since I was particularly interested in the psychology of it all!!

So if you have seen the movie, and you want to know the real story – definitely check this out!!! And if you haven’t read it, maybe see the movie first…and then read it. Or just read it!!

Kevin Argus

Kevin Argus rated it      

I began reading this ebook at a cafe this morning and finished on the front veranda at home this afternoon, bathed in sunshine. I feel Saroo Brierley has opened his mind honestly and thoughtfully, and taken me on his early childhood journey, from loss, fear, resignation, hope, belonging, love, wonder and fulfilment. I love that Saroo shared his whole life, his insights into important members of family, friends, and acquaintances. I read with sunglasses on, not to shield the bright sunlight, rather to camouflage the tears of empathy and joy that often welled and rolled across my cheeks throughout.

Beautifully written, the openness reflects a grateful young man, blessed with a loving adoptive family, brother, girlfriend and friends. I haven’t been so affected or felt such love through empathy from reading a novel since Rohinton Mistry’s ‘A Fine Balance’, and Khaled Hosseini’s ‘The Kite Runner’.

Exceeded my expectations from a first time novelist… I imagine the multitude and magnitude of the mental journey that accompanied the physical one made it such a clearly told autobiographical story. Have recommended it to my friends. Well done Saroo.


Charlene rated it      

I have not enjoyed a biography/memoir this much since reading Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. Until now, imagining a memoir more captivating, and emotion – eliciting would have been difficult. Also surprising, to anyone lazy like me who did not check other additions, a Long Way Home is Lion. Had no idea. Everyone has been telling me, “You *have* to watch Lion!” I figured that eventually I would get around to it. Two days before I started reading this book, my husband took an international flight and watched Lion and said it was phenomenal and that I had to rent it as soon as possible so we could discuss it. At that same time, I was trying to find a new book to listen to while I worked out. This book was free on Hoopla under the title A Long Way Home. After listening to about a 1/4 of it, I told my husband that I was reading the most amazing book and began to recount the story. Turned out it was the book on which the movie he recommended was based.

I hesitate to say more than what the book cover relates because when not knowing what happens next, the reader is swept up into what I can only describe as a reading/listening experience that surpasses anything a fiction author could conjure in their imagination. I highly recommend this book, particularly the audio version. Great narration.

The movie Lion comes out on Netflix very soon. Can’t wait to watch this book come to life on the screen.


Elaine rated it      

I read this a few years ago when it first came out and not sure why I didn’t write a review back then. I remember thinking what an extraordinary story. A little boy getting lost, travelling miles away from his hometown, surviving for months by himself in the dangerous streets of Calcutta, just narrowly escaping from a horrible fate. He is then adopted by a loving couple and travels even further from home to Tasmania. This is the story of Saroo and how the pull of home and the memory of his biological family back in India takes him on a journey half way around the world. The movie Lion was released last month and captured Saroo’s story and the emotion of his life and journey brilliantly. Words are really not adequate to capture the essence of this amazing story.

Christine Zibas

Christine Zibas rated it      

It is sometimes difficult not to imagine some forces at work that are beyond my understanding.

With trailers for the movie and Dev Patel doing a lot of interviews, this story is probably familiar to a lot of people who might consider reading the book. Despite knowing the general outline of the plot via this media blitz, I still found the book (and story) of Saroo Brierley extremely moving.

The details of this one man’s search for his way home are mind-blowing, and it’s little wonder that so many people are fascinated by his tale. The book features real photos from throughout Saroo’s life, such as they exist, and they add a real poignancy to the story. After reading the book and seeing those snapshots, it’s even more incredible to me how everything turned out. And you do indeed get to learn how the movie title comes to figure into this tale of bravery and heart.


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