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Stella and Alex have been best friends since Stella moved into Spring Towers three years ago. Alex reminded himself time and again Stella was just one of the guys. Until she needs an immediate boyfriend, when her ex shows up engaged to the woman he cheated on her with. He gladly steps in and hopes Stella will feel the sparks between them. Can their friendship survive their roles.Adult-content rating: This book contains content considered unsuitable for young readers 17 and under, and which may be offensive to some readers of all ages.

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Nikki rated it      

Absolutely love this book! I can totally related to Alex and Stella because I’m currently in the same situation with my best guy friend! They have been best friends for years and have ALWAYS harbored feelings for each other. However, they never did anything about it because they weren’t sure if the other one liked them the way they liked them. I love the fact that Stella thinks she isn’t good enough for Alex because he’s ALWAYS dated blonde, long legged girls, which again I can relate too because my guy friend is the same as Alex! He dates girls that are like Alex’s type but he gets them for one reason – he’s good in bed, has good looks, and has some money, just like Alex! I love the fact that they both realize they want each other and Stella takes charge of the situation with the help of her sister by getting herself all cute and wearing something sexy! I found this book to be very informative and it helped me see that best friends can be together after years of harboring feelings for each other! Another thing I loved was anytime Alex or Stella was seeing someone the other person would find a way to break up the other’s date or break them up all together, which again I can relate too!

The best thing about this book is you get to see two best friends fall for each other – bottom line! You would have never known that there was so much passion between them, so much care between them, and so much love between them, if they hadn’t finally realized that they wanted each other!
I believe that’s the greatest love story ever! Two people finding their way to one another after years of being around each other and seeing that they have loved each other from the start! To me, that is the greatest love story ever!

❀ Crystal ✿ -  PEACE ☮ LOVE ♥ BOOKS

I really enjoyed this book. This was a simple and easy read. Stella and Alex are so wary of ruining their friendship and thinking their feelings are one-sided that much of the book is them fighting their attraction. It’s fun to be an outside viewer in their relationship because they work so well as friends and neighbors.

Stella is a tomboy with a capital “T.” She loves football, greasy chicken wings and her outfit of choice is easily a T-shirt and jeans. The simple fact that her male friends are afraid of her when she’s watching a game, really made her special. Stella likes to throw things at the TV and really test her vocabulary when ranting about a bad play or bad call.

Stella is a very strong character and one who learned, and is still trying to learn, from the mistakes of her parents. Her sister is awesome and always has her back even when she’s in the wrong. (Can’t wait to read her story in book 3).

There are a few minor spelling errors that made me pause, get angry, then move on. But the biggest flaw in my eyes was the characters lack of communication. They can go on and on about how honesty and trust is the key to a relationship but when they hit that tiny bump in the road, everyone seems to lose their sense and run rather than communicate. Even Kyle, the proclaimed man-whore, and Alex’s best friend realizes that everything is not okay. He tries his best to help and though they do get their HEA, Kyle really deserves one too.


Enni rated it     

A easy flowing and light book. I read it within two – three days. It was very enjoyable and I really loved the characters in the story.

It was easy to predict what happens but I still liked it. It was funny, sweet, romantic and yes a book that does not contain pages and pages of sex! Getting really fed up of books that has sex in almost every darn chapter!

Stella and Alex has known each other for about three years. They had always known there was a attraction between them but thought their friendship was not worth the risk if they got together and it did not work out. I am sure a lot of people can relate to this. So this is about a friendship developing into a relationship. About two people discovering their feelings and enjoying their relationship. Of course its not always happy happy because yes theres always a chance a sneaky rat would jump in and try to ruin a happy couple.

Sweet and romantic ending. I am glad theres more about the side character because I really liked the friendship and sisterhood Stella had with her friend Lindsay and sister Victoria. Can’t wait to read about them. They were lovely people and I am happy we get to learn about them more.

Sigh! If only there was a guy like Alex in my life or in real life. He ticked all the right boxes for me.


Cindy rated it     

Pretty good romance – I liked that this one was not so much the typical story. Alex and Stella have been pals since Stella moved in next door and although there was some chemistry there, they had denied it because they didn’t want to mess up their friendship. They like spending time together watching football and eating snacks and watching action flicks – Stella is very much the tomboy. Alex is smokin’ hot and, Stella feels, out of her league. They have been there through it all and when the final straw – ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend wanted her to do their wedding photography – rather than punch them out or slam the door in their two-timing face, Stella gets her back up and presents Alex as her fiancee. Alex and Stella begin to realize their feelings for each other and sparks fly. There is plenty of hot action – this is an adult romance – but there is a good story to go with it. I think that my bone to pick would be with the artistic license the author took with moving the Super Bowl to late February – um, since when? Otherwise, the rest of this was a fluffy, fun romp.


Lariza rated it     

I really enjoyed this book! Stella and Alex are best friends and neighbors. Alex has been attracted to his feisty neighbor since she moved in, but he doesn’t want to risk their friendship and make a move. Stella finds herself strongly attracted to hunky Alex too! After having her heart broken by her ex boyfriend, Stella closely guards her heart. Stella was funny, witty and sincere she was a breath of fresh air I loved her simplicity. Alex was sexy and very charming he knew he loved Stella he just didn’t know to make her his. Alex and Stella heated up the pages– wow!! The flow of the story was great- I was immersed with the characters. I loved Lindsay, Vicki and Kyle. The road to true love is not an easy one and that was true for Alex and Stella; they overcame not only the jealously of others but their own insecurities and doubts to find happiness! Great story I can’t wait to start on the next book– oh Kyle and Lindsay!!


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