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Stephen Hawking’s worldwide bestseller, A Brief History of Time, has been a landmark volume in scientific writing. Its author’s engaging voice is one reason, and the compelling subjects he addresses is another; the nature of space and time, the role of God in creation, the history and future of the universe. But it is also true that in the years since its publication, readers have repeatedly told Professor Hawking of their great difficulty in understanding some of the book’s most important concepts. This is the origin of and the reason for A Briefer History of Time: its author’s wish to make its content more accessible to readers – as well as to bring it up-to-date with the latest scientific observations and findings.Although this book is literally somewhat “briefer”, it actually expands on the great subjects of the original. Purely technical concepts, such as the mathematics of chaotic boundary conditions, are gone. Conversely, subjects of wide interest that were difficult to follow because they were interspersed throughout the book have now been given entire chapters of their own, including relativity, curved space, and quantum theory.This reorganization has allowed the authors to expand areas of special interest and recent progress, from the latest developments in string theory to exciting developments in the search for a complete unified theory of all the forces of physics. Like prior editions of the book – but even more so – A Briefer History of Time will guide nonscientists everywhere in the ongoing search for the tantalizing secrets at the heart of time and space. Thirty-seven full-color illustrations enhance the text and make A Briefer History of Time an exhilarating addition in its own right to the literature of science.

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Cait Poytress

Cait Poytress rated it      

There’s nothing like the contemplation of the universe for making one feel simultaneously awe struck and incredibly insignificant.

Kind of random, but I loved Hawking’s frequent use of the exclamation mark. For example::

“However, when an antiparticle and a particle meet, they annihilate each other. So if you meet your antiself, don’t shake hands – you would both vanish in a great flash of light!”
“The supermassive black hole has a star orbiting it at about 2 percent the speed of light, faster than the average speed of an electron orbiting the nucleus in an atom!”

His pure excitement regarding the subject matter and specific points being made is almost palpable. I wanted to yell “Preach it, Mr. Hawking! Science is awesome!”

I also learned, much to my surprise, that the world apparently doesn’t revolve around me.


Briynne rated it      

Wow and wow. I am not by nature a science person. The largely-repressed memories I have of high school chemistry still make me feel a little ill. But this, friends, is more like reading poetry than it is like reading a textbook. I am officially in awe of Stephen Hawking – the man can actually make you feel about subatomic particles and forces of nature. It’s nothing short of amazing, really. I don’t pretend to understand 99% of what the book discusses beyond an extremely superficial level, but I was moved by the beauty and grandeur Hawking breathes into his subject. Don’t be put off, fellow arts majors. This is a phenomenal book.


Rick rated it     

I love Physics. And I suck at understanding Physics. But I try. I can actually identify the paragraph where I get lost. I guess that, at least at this time in my life, I’m not capable of getting my head around the concept of a unified and relative space-time and all the implications it carries (such as the bending of time near large gravitational fields, differences in aging the farther one gets from the center of a large gravitational field, and that whole section about time travel). I really wish I did get it, and I am confident that someday I will. As for now, even though I read the whole book after about page 70 most of it was well over my head. This is going to motivate me, though, to find someone who might be able to explain it to me so I get it. NOTE: Hawking actually does an incredible job of simplifying these concepts. My lack of understanding has much more to do with the limits on my brain rather than on his explanation. The book itself is incredibly well-written and easy to read. His explanations of the history of the field and his wry sense of humor keep it flowing and interesting.

Mohamedridha Alaskari محمد رضا العسكري

I’m absolutely convinced that Hawking is the best man in the simple illustration of sciences especially the cosmology and physics in general.

In partnership with Mlodinow created such an exceptional informative rich text. I tought in the first pages that this book is totally different than the obvious one but, in very smart characters it links with the old one ” I mean a brief of history of time”

I finished the last pages of this book while the power is down! I couldn’t leave it until I finished it.

Absolutely deserves 5 stars in general and every page it contains.

The more interesting think that I highlighted more than 12% as I considered it as a Valuable provisions!

Michael Lawrence

Michael Lawrence rated it      

An even shorter version of a History of time… then a brief history of time and now a briefer history of time. I dont care how short he makes the next one. If it will take physics and make it digestible to the average joe then I’m all for it.

It surprises me how disinterested we are today about things like physics, space, the universe and philosophy of our existence, our purpose, our final destination.

That was somehow lost in our information generation. So like I said, if this tiny take on life and physics gets into more hands then horray. Its a crazy world out there. Be curious.

This book takes topics like general relativity, quantum theory, string theory, the universe, it;s size and expansion, black holes, time travel and microwaves that still exist from the first moments of the universe’s existence and do it all with no numbers, just words 🙂

Its a great book to ease into other Stephen Hawking books. He is one of the most brilliant minds of my lifetime in my opinion. All hail the hawk!


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