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Publish: Published March 4th 2014 by Bloomsbury USA (first published January 1st 2014)

ISBN: Literary Awards Audie Award for Business/Educational (2015)


In this groundbreaking book, journalist and innovation expert Warren Berger shows that one of the most powerful forces for igniting change in business and in our daily lives is a simple, under-appreciated tool—one that has been available to us since childhood. Questioning—deeply, imaginatively, “beautifully”—can help us identify and solve problems, come up with game-changing ideas, and pursue fresh opportunities. So why are we often reluctant to ask “Why?”

Berger’s surprising findings reveal that even though children start out asking hundreds of questions a day, questioning “falls off a cliff” as kids enter school. In an education and business culture devised to reward rote answers over challenging inquiry, questioning isn’t encouraged—and, in fact, is sometimes barely tolerated.

And yet, as Berger shows, the most creative, successful people tend to be expert questioners. They’ve mastered the art of inquiry, raising questions no one else is asking—and finding powerful answers. The author takes us inside red-hot businesses like Google, Netflix, IDEO, and Airbnb to show how questioning is baked into their organizational DNA. He also shares inspiring stories of artists, teachers, entrepreneurs, basement tinkerers, and social activists who changed their lives and the world around them—by starting with a “beautiful question.”
Berger explores important questions, such as:

– Why aren’t we nurturing kids’ natural ability to question—and what can parents and schools do about that?

– Since questioning is a starting point for innovation, how might companies and business leaders begin to encourage and exploit it?

– And most important, how can each of us re-ignite that questioning spark—and use inquiry as a powerful means to rethink and reinvent our lives?

A More Beautiful Question outlines a practical Why / What If / How system of inquiry that can guide you through the process of innovative questioning—helping you find imaginative, powerful answers to your own “beautiful questions.”

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Norm rated it     
Amazing topic that needs attention. this book addresses a critical subject, importance of asking questions. the author does a great job capturing the elements inside of the topic, why, what, how. the first 1/3 of the book gets your brain going.
Juan Gerena

Juan Gerena rated it     
Very good book. It tells how some of the products and services we used now a days came to be from the power of questioning. It provides some inside as to why questioning should be encouraged, and trained just like any other skill.

Missyjohnson1 rated it     
Great advice to heed when approaching an adaptive type problem. The book may be just a bit too long and could have conveyed the point sooner. All in all it was well received by our leadership team who read the book. I will refer back to it in the future I am sure

danny rated it     
Solid concepts with appropriately illustrative examples and stories, but this was quite repetitive and could have been a long essay instead of 200+ pages. I still give it 4 stars because it is a book with the potential to change my life.

Emily rated it      
A catalyst for creativity and change..
A catalyst for creativity and change. I was challenged and provoked to question to world, myself and even my own questions. Never have I left a book with more delightful homework.


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