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Author(s): Steven D. LevittDownload  

Publish: Published October 20th 2009 by William Morrow

ISBN: ISBN 0060889578 (ISBN13: 9780060889579)


The New York Times best-selling Freakonomics was a worldwide sensation, selling over four million copies in thirty-five languages and changing the way we look at the world. Now, Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner return with SuperFreakonomics, and fans and newcomers alike will find that the freakquel is even bolder, funnier, and more surprising than the first.

Four years in the making, SuperFreakonomics asks not only the tough questions, but the unexpected ones: What’s more dangerous, driving drunk or walking drunk? Why is chemotherapy prescribed so often if it’s so ineffective? Can a sex change boost your salary?

SuperFreakonomics challenges the way we think all over again, exploring the hidden side of everything with such questions as:

How is a street prostitute like a department-store Santa?
Why are doctors so bad at washing their hands?
How much good do car seats do?
What’s the best way to catch a terrorist?
Did TV cause a rise in crime?
What do hurricanes, heart attacks, and highway deaths have in common?
Are people hard-wired for altruism or selfishness?
Can eating kangaroo save the planet?
Which adds more value: a pimp or a Realtor?

Levitt and Dubner mix smart thinking and great storytelling like no one else, whether investigating a solution to global warming or explaining why the price of oral sex has fallen so drastically. By examining how people respond to incentives, they show the world for what it really is – good, bad, ugly, and, in the final analysis, super freaky.

Freakonomics has been imitated many times over – but only now, with SuperFreakonomics, has it met its match.

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Darlene rated it     
SuperFreakonomics picks up where Freakonomics left off. Freakonomics is described in the book as ‘marrying the economic approach to a rogue freakish curiosity.” The authors (an economist and a journalist) examine an array of topics… from the perils of drunk driving v. ‘drunk walking’ … to why terrorists really should buy life insurance. Among other topics, they take a look at how the Indian government has spent huge sums of money trying to educate its people about the problem of women being treated as third class citizens. This approach was a complete failure and it wasn’t until many parts of INdia were wired for cable television that women began to view themselves and their place in society in a different way.These authors have a real knack for taking the prevailing sentiment on a multitude of topics and turning it upside down… and they accomplish this in a very methodical and entertaining way. Just as its precursor, Freakonomics, this book was not only entertaining but educational…. I was very surprised to learn how ineffective chemotherapy is in treating many cancers.. how despite the huge cost, chemotherapy sometimes only prolongs life by a couple of months.  

SuperFreakonomics takes the principles of economics and uses them to describe, explain and also offer advice on a wide range of topics.It is entertaining and encouraged me to think about a wide range of issues in a way which is quite different from how I normally think……. definitely worth reading.


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