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Publish: Published February 18th 1999 by Mit Press (first published January 16th 1998)

ISBN: ISBN 0262611465 (ISBN13: 9780262611466)


“Most studies of decision-making treat humans like rats in a laboratory. But Dr. Klein, a cognitive psychologist, spent a decade watching fire commanders, fighter pilots, paramedics and others making split-second decisions on the job, and this book is a clear and engaging account of his findings.”
— “The Wall Street Journal” Anyone who watches the television news has seen images of firefighters rescuing people from burning buildings and paramedics treating bombing victims. How do these individuals make the split-second decisions that save lives? Most studies of decision making, based on artificial tasks assigned in laboratory settings, view people as biased and unskilled. Gary Klein is one of the developers of the naturalistic decision making approach, which views people as inherently skilled and experienced. It documents human strengths and capabilities that so far have been downplayed or ignored. Since 1985 Klein has conducted fieldwork to find out how people tackle challenges in difficult, non-routine situations. “Sources of Power” is based on observations of humans acting under such real-life constraints as time pressure, high stakes, personal responsibility, and shifting conditions. The professionals studied include firefighters, critical care nurses, pilots, nuclear power plant operators, battle planners, and chess masters. Each chapter builds on key incidents and examples to make the description of the methodology and phenomena more vivid. In addition to providing information that can be used by professionals in management, psychology, engineering, and other fields, the book presents an overview of the research approach of naturalisticdecision making and expands our knowledge of the strengths people bring to difficult tasks.

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Leslie rated it     
This book explores a paradigm for naturalistic decision-making called “Recognition Primed Decisions” in which experts in high-pressure situations use the intuition and metaphors of their experience to generate mental simulations for a current experience. They monitor for anomalies and revise as indicated. Experimentally, Klein and his colleagues found this model more frequently resembles decision-making than any of the models that involve direct comparison between competing options.
Tim Hughes

Tim Hughes rated it     
a fascinating complement to thinking fast and slow, doing similar justice to another life’s work in the field of cognition and decision making. takes a much more hopeful view of humanity than kahneman, with extensive and compelling case studies of where intuitive decision making can lead to good performance, with particular focus on firefighters, nurses and the military. thoughtful, engaging and humane.
Eve McCloud

Eve McCloud rated it     
This was used for research methods course and addressing how one does critical thinking and why one does it in that manner. I will continuously review this book because it has a lot of depth to comprehend and practically apply. Also it helps to understand how to interact with others specifically in the decision-making process. Understand your environment, the players, the audience and why the “why”. Keeping this one within arms reach.
Zbyszek Sokolowski

Zbyszek Sokolowski rated it     
This is almost scientific book, it is based on the output from research how in natural environment decisions are made. RBD model has been described. Examples are firefighters, soldiers, nurses in neonatal wards in the hospital. That places where quick and precise decisions have to be made. Also how good leader should communicate with his/her team to achieve best results. And what it means that team is mature. Book is worth reading although it is not so easy.
Wan Peter

Wan Peter rated it      
What do you want to do with your life? Where do you want to be in five years, ten. or even twenty? What kind of lifestyle do you want to have? All these questions need to be answered — to be continued, That what this book is all about. Do read the book. No regret for me. This book is exactly what I have attained in life. A powerfull decision book that has all the ingredient analyze.


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