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Publish: Published March 15th 2016 by Crown Business


What does it take to win success and influence? Some people think that in today’s hyper-competitive world, it’s the tough, take-no-prisoners type who comes out on top. But in reality, argues New York Times bestselling author Dave Kerpen, it’s actually those with the best people skills who win the day. Those who build the right relationships. Those who truly understand and connect with their colleagues, their customers, their partners.  Those who can teach, lead, and inspire.

In a world where we are constantly connected, and social media has become the primary way we communicate, the key to getting ahead is being the person others like, respect, and trust. Because no matter who you are or what profession you’re in, success is contingent less on what you can do for yourself, but on what other people are willing to do for you.  Here, through 53 bite-sized, easy-to-execute, and often counterintuitive tips, you’ll learn to master the 11 People Skills that will get you more of what you want at work, at home, and in life. For example, you’ll learn:

·         The single most important question you can ever ask to win attention in a meeting
·         The one simple key to networking that nobody talks about
·         How to remain top of mind for thousands of people, everyday
·         Why it usually pays to be the one to give the bad news
·         How to blow off the right people
·         And why, when in doubt, buy him a Bonsai
A book best described as “How to Win Friends and Influence People for today’s world,” The Art of People shows how to charm and win over anyone to be more successful at work and outside of it.

Some Reviews: 597 ratings 82 reviews in Goodreads.com

Vijay Ravi

Vijay Ravi rated it     
Before reading this book, I was not sure there are these many things I’m missing.. Surely a people book; shows where we lack in understanding people.. This is biggest book I ever read.. But no chapter is boring.. Truly inspiring one.. Thanks Dave for these wonderful lessons and books (you introduced)…

Dmytro rated it      
This book is definitely 5 stars. There are so many good tips about working with people in both personal and professional lives.
Everything is packaged into 2-3 page summaries of the idea and a couple of examples.

D rated it      
I really enjoyed reading this! Dave does a great job of getting his message across through his own stories and personal experiences. I appreciate the message of this book. I highly recommend for business book clubs!

Derek rated it      
Very helpful and inspiring
Great ideas on helping people and in turn they help you. ideas including hand written notes and bonsai trees for thank you gifts. Gratitude for what you have and helping homeless will make you feel better.

Evan rated it     
This book dispenses a lot of great advice in a very manageable and quick way. I read this book in less than a day, but picked up many great tidbits of advice to use in my daily personal and business life. I strongly recommend everyone read this book.


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