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Author(s): Philip KotlerDownload  

Publish: Published March 1st 2005 by Prentice Hall (first published December 1st 1967)

ISBN: ISBN 0131457578 (ISBN13: 9780131457577)


Stay on the cutting-edge with the gold standard text that reflects the latest in marketing theory and practice.


Marketing Management is the gold standard marketing text because its content and organization consistently reflect the latest changes in today’s marketing theory and practice.


Remaining true to its gold-standard status, the fourteenth edition includes an overhaul of new material and updated information, and now is available with mymarketinglab–Pearson’s online tutorial and assessment platform.

Some Reviews: 4,147 ratings 202 reviews in


Vince rated it      
[Textbook] A comprehensive compendium of Marketing strategy and knowledge. This text is chock full of models and guidelines. I’ve used some of this in my day-to-day work, as well as to inform my classroom studies.I’m not in a position to compare alternatives for use as a Strategic Marketing Management course textbook. However, this seemed more than adequate. There’s a lot of material here, and it wasn’t uncommon to spend 5+ hours a week to read and digest two or three chapters of this work.  

Nur Fadilla Octavianasari

Nur Fadilla Octavianasari rated it     
It help? i guess, i just couldnt get along that well with my prof, seriously how much task did she have to gave us every week. it just kill my time for hanging out kekeke, joking!Dont get me wrong, strike that trough, get me wrong yeah, its just me who upset for not getting an A. for god sake an AB for management its just. . .  

Konny Cool

Konny Cool rated it      
Well well well here come the book from our Marketing expert, Phillip Kottler and Kevin Keller.
Full of marketing concept and case studies.
Beginning with scanning the environment, market determination, S-T-P strategy until marketing communication.It’s a must book for people who would like to learn about how creating marketing strategy……  

Read it ! u’ll know what I mean…


Lilly rated it     
Scary that this is actually an enjoyable and well-written textbook. The cover is deceiving. They have pretty color pictures, and it’s low on math, so I was sold.I haven’t read more than a couple of chapters, but the pictures really do earn it four stars. Scary enough, I can actually see myself reading the full thing someday.  


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