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Author(s): M. Tamra ChandlerDownload  

Publish: Published March 14th 2016 by Berrett-Koehler Publishers


Rethink, Redesign, Reboot.
Most people associate performance management with the annual review, which is universally dreaded by employees, management, and HR professionals alike. It’s a cookie-cutter, fear-based, top-down approach that emphasizes negatives over positives and stifles healthy career conversations. It’s never been shown to motivate anyone to do anything but try to avoid it, but nobody feels like they have any alternative. Tamra Chandler has one and it works.
Actually, Chandler doesn’t offer a single alternative she offers an infinite number of them. Each organization that uses her Performance Management Reboot is able to develop its own unique version since it doesn’t make a lot of sense for organizations with different cultures, in different industries and sectors, to do things exactly the same way. Grounded in the latest scientific findings about motivation, it’s a transparent, employee-driven process that values collaboration over competition and rewards people for acquiring new skills and increasing their contribution instead of hitting arbitrary benchmarks.
Chandler lays out the general principles and then walks you through each step in creating a performance management process that employees will actually embrace rather than avoid and that will help you meet the three objectives of great performance management: developing your people, rewarding them equitably, and driving your organization’s performance. It’s the first comprehensive, step-by-step guide to creating a performance management solution that’s tailored to your organization’s needs and goals and that places the emphasis squarely on your greatest asset: your people.

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