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Author(s): Daniel QuinnDownload  

Publish: Published July 1995 by Bantam (first published 1992)

ISBN: ISBN 0553375407 (ISBN13: 9780553375404)


Must have an earnest desire to
save the world. Apply in person.

Ishmael is an utterly unique and captivating spiritual adventure which redefines what it is to be human. We are introduced to Ishmael, a creature of immense wisdom. He has a story to tell, one that no human being has ever heard before. It is the story of man’s place in the grand scheme, and it begins at the birth of time. This history of the world has never appeared in any schoolbook. “Does the earth belong to man?” Ishmael asks. “Or does man belong to the earth?”

Author Daniel Quinn is the first winner of the prestigious Turner Tomorrow Fellowship, awarded for fiction providing creative and positive solutions to global problems. Sly, witty, and profound, Ishmael is a tour de force of the mind and spirit, an extraordinary intellectual adventure that listeners will never forget.

It was just a three-line ad in the personals section, but it launched the adventure of a lifetime…

So begins Ishmael, an utterly unique and captivating novel that has earned a large and passionate following among readers and critics alike—one of the most beloved and bestselling novels of spiritual adventure ever published.

Some Reviews: 72,722 ratings 4,794 reviews in

Jennifer Presz

Jennifer Presz rated it      
Book review (not rating) Courtesy of Danny Lazzeri  

So I finished this Thursday night but I have really been thinking hard about what I want to say about it. For a long time I have had an underlying feeling that the way we are living is wrong. I’ve blamed everything from the corrupt political system to the ridiculous wealth distribution to pathological cultural values but I have always felt it runs a lot deeper than any of those.


Ediz rated it     
This book was recommended to me by a very close friend, who knows me too well. It really turned out to be an amazing read about a very deep exploration of the way humanity has taken its tool on our world. It’s based on a metaphorical dialogue between a wise gorilla and a curious, urban writer, who’s deeply concerned about the way the world/humanity is headed, and wants to find out “how to save the world”.
♡ Kristina

♡ Kristina rated it      
I first read this book when I was 19 and remember being very moved by it. It’s always been a book I recommend to anyone with an open mind over the years. I always struggled with explaining it to others when they ask what it’s about and would say “okay, if you can get over the fact that there is a taking gorilla then you’d like it. It’s kind of philosophical I guess.”  

Well, recently it was my turn to pick a book for book club and I picked this one.


Stanislav rated it      
One of the more interesting reads lately. I have a nagging feeling I was lied to – yet I cannot figure out whether it was the book or the world all these years. If nothing else, it certainly got me thinking and that in itself is a great feeling.  

The fact we are destroying the world is not lost on me. The fact this is getting worse and worse is not either. Mother Culture is telling us to keep destroying ourselves with the hope of greener pastures and technological fixes.

Jonathan Maas

Jonathan Maas rated it      
Better than good – read this in response to the recent election, which caused me to A) Question my self B) Question my beliefs C) Question where humanity was headed.  

This book takes great aim at C. Ishmael, the titular gorilla – asks many questions to the protagonist as an outside observer. Some answers arise, many more questions arise.

Brilliant, worldview changing.


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