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Author(s): Verne HarnishDownload  

Publish: Published March 1st 2002 by Gazelles Inc. (first published January 1st 2002)

ISBN: ISBN 1590790154 (ISBN13: 9781590790151)


What are the underlying handful of fundamentals that haven’t changed for over a hundred years? From Harnish’s famous One-Page Strategic Plan to his concise outline of eight practical actions you can take to strengthen your culture, this book is a compilation of best practices adapted from some of the best-run firms on the planet. Included is an instructive chapter co-authored by Rich Russakoff, revealing winning tactics to get banks to finance your business. Lastly, there are case studies demonstrating the validity of Harnish’s practical approaches.

If you are looking for an expanded and updated version of this 2002 best-seller, look for Verne Harnish’s latest title Scaling Up: How a Few Companies Make It…and Why the Rest Don’t (Rockefeller Habits 2.0). In Scaling Up, Harnish and his team share practical tools and techniques for building an industry-dominating business. These approaches have been honed from over three decades of advising tens of thousands of CEOs and executives and helping them navigate the increasing complexities (and weight) that come with scaling up a venture. This book is written so everyone – from frontline employees to senior executives – can get aligned in contributing to the growth of a firm. There’s no reason to do it alone, yet many top leaders feel like they are the ones dragging the rest of the organization up the S-curve of growth. This book can help you turn what feels like an anchor into wind at your back — creating a company where the team is engaged; the customers are doing your marketing; and everyone is making money. To accomplish this, Scaling Up focuses on the four major decision areas every company must get right: People, Strategy, Execution, and Cash. The book includes a series of new one-page tools including the updated One-Page Strategic Plan and the Rockefeller Habits Checklist(TM), which more than 40,000 firms around the globe have used to scale their companies successfully — many to $1 billion and beyond. Running a business is ultimately about freedom. Scaling Up shows business leaders how to get their organizations moving in sync to create something significant and enjoy the ride.

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Michele rated it     
I liked the book, but it’s not my absolute favorite. It borrows many ideas from well-known business strategists and leadership experts — like Jim Collins (Built to Last) and Kouzes & Posner (The Leadership Challenge) — so if you’ve read those books then this one just serves as a review of already tried and true business principles. That said, I bought this book to glean insight about Harnish’s one-page strategic plan, an approach that I love for its simplicity and focus.

Mathew rated it     
I enjoyed this book and the direction it will help me have with my professional direction. It’s very interesting to learn how a company aligned and connected through regular meetings can move forwards in a purpose driven way whereas without this alignment, it’s certainly more difficult. 

I read this book because it’s part of how my employer envisions things and so it’s given me a great understanding of their goals, their core values, and why they have regular internal meetings of various types.

Jane Dugger

Jane Dugger rated it     
I really enjoyed this book even though it was a bit dry. I think the Rockeefeller Habits are on the money for running a succesful business. And you can transfer the ideas to any sort of business: non-for-profit, entreprenuial or direct sales. I loved how it was layed out and all of the great forms to help you along. (I’m all about orginization so the book really appealed to me.)Pick it up if you are a Type-A personality.

Mark Fallon

Mark Fallon rated it      
Recommended to me by a client, this is one of the best business books I’ve read this year. Harnish succinctly captures what leaders must do to drive their business forward.In brief, the three habits are:

1. Establish clear priorities.
2. Establish feedback with hard data.
3. Establish a rhythm of communication the priorities and data with you staff.

Simple? Of course. Easy? Of course not. Unless you have will and desire.

Rick Yvanovich

Rick Yvanovich rated it     
A fast speaking narrator, it took a while to adjust and was a little had dot listen to whilst running. Found myself nodding my head in agreement to some parts and shaking my head on others. Its the head shaking that concerned me, did I really disagree or was I being resistant to change.
There is definitely some value in the wisdom in this book, just need to work out how to convert it into something practical that I can effectively use.


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