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Author(s): Chip HeathDownload  

Publish: Published January 2nd 2007 by Random House (first published December 18th 2006)

ISBN: ISBN 1400064287 (ISBN13: 9781400064281)


NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER – The instant classic about why some ideas thrive, why others die, and how to improve your idea’s chances–essential reading in the “fake news” era.

Mark Twain once observed, “A lie can get halfway around the world before the truth can even get its boots on.” His observation rings true: Urban legends, conspiracy theories, and bogus news stories circulate effortlessly. Meanwhile, people with important ideas–entrepreneurs, teachers, politicians, and journalists–struggle to make them “stick.”

In Made to Stick, Chip and Dan Heath reveal the anatomy of ideas that stick and explain ways to make ideas stickier, such as applying the human scale principle, using the Velcro Theory of Memory, and creating curiosity gaps. Along the way, we discover that sticky messages of all kinds–from the infamous “kidney theft ring” hoax to a coach’s lessons on sportsmanship to a vision for a new product at Sony–draw their power from the same six traits.

Made to Stick will transform the way you communicate. It’s a fast-paced tour of success stories (and failures): the Nobel Prize-winning scientist who drank a glass of bacteria to prove a point about stomach ulcers; the charities who make use of the Mother Teresa Effect; the elementary-school teacher whose simulation actually prevented racial prejudice.

Provocative, eye-opening, and often surprisingly funny, Made to Stick shows us the vital principles of winning ideas–and tells us how we can apply these rules to making our own messages stick.

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Chris Aldrich

Chris Aldrich rated it     
An awesome and quick read. I love that in some sense, they actually use their own advice when writing this to make some of their own ideas a bit more sticky. I thought this was a good little read and provides some interesting and very useful and actionable ideas. Definitely worth reviewing over some of the ideas in the near future for some writing I have in mind. I’d definitely recommend it to marketing people and communicators. I’d also love to delve further into some of their references.

Vemuri rated it      
A book for anybody who wishes to communicate and make sure his/her ideas are remembered.Especially for teachers. All of the concepts make sense but they are not mutually exclusive which makes it difficult to gauge the impact of each one individually.

Nevertheless it makes a great read. It not only helps in communication but also helps organization of ideas in one’s own mind.

Tyler Hochstetler

Tyler Hochstetler rated it     
Why do some lead, and others follow? Why do some ideas stick, and others vanish? The ability to innovate and create a disruptive idea is rare among society. However, those that can quickly siege an opportunity and expand rapidly always succeed. This book dives into mechanics of why some people start trends, and others simply follow.
Gabbie  Miller

Gabbie Miller rated it      
Definitely a compelling read. My boss bought it for me at Christmas to hopefully provide an answer of sorts to a question I’d asked. Being new to PR (read eight months) I felt a bit inadequate in my no longer new job. I think I’ve managed and done pretty well nonetheless but this book helped me to see some new perspectives that I can apply to my work.


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