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Publish: Published September 20th 2011 by Howard Books

ISBN: Edition Language English


From New York Times bestselling author and nationally syndicated talk radio host Dave Ramsey comes the secret to how he grew a multi-million dollar company from a card table in his living room.

Your company is only as strong as your leaders. These are the men and women doing battle daily beneath the banner that is your brand. Are they courageous or indecisive? Are they serving a motivated team or managing employees? Are they valued?

Your team will never grow beyond you, so here’s another question to consider. Are you growing? Whether you’re sitting at the CEO’s desk, the middle manager’s cubicle, or a card table in your living-room-based startup, EntreLeadership provides the practical, step-by-step guidance to grow your business where you want it to go. Dave opens up his championship playbook for business to show you how to:

• Inspire your team to take ownership and love what they do

• Unify your team and get rid of all gossip

• Handle money to set your business up for success

• Reach every goal you set

• And much, much more!

Some Reviews: 10,418 ratings 473 reviews in Goodreads.com


Hilary rated it      
Great advice about being a good employer, good leader and good entrepreneur, delivered straight from the hip in standard Dave Ramsey style. Some of it will only apply to certain industries (I’ve never yet worked in an area where I could actually create an itemized to-do list) but it doesn’t alter the value. 

The basics of building a good business are with integrity, honesty, trust, compassion and competency. You, as the leader, need to have and practice all of them, and this allows you to expect t

Trevor Acy

Trevor Acy rated it      
I did not want this book to end.
Two things occured to me while reading EntreLeadership. 1) It is no wonder that Dave Ramsey has been so successful and it is also no surprise that his business is built on good, old fashioned sound principles like honesty, integrity and respect. And 2) I can’t wait to become the EntreLeader that I am confident dwells within me. It has always been my goal to be self employed eventually.

John rated it      
An awesome read for those looking to improve their leadership skills. Whatever part of the chain you’re at (newbie, manager, business owner) you should be able to get a lot out of this book. 

Dave Ramsey puts his thoughts out there in a really easy to understand manner. While the book (and all of Dave’s enterprises) have a foundation of faith based in Christianity that never shouts at you or gets in the way – you don’t need to be the same religion to learn a lot from this.


Tiffany rated it      
I highly recommend this book for anyone in a leadership position. The advice is practical, biblical, proven, and comprehensive. This book reflects transformational leadership in action. It’s for leaders of large companies, small companies, and soloproneurs alike. Regardless of where you’re act in your leadership journey, you’ll find a nugget of wisdom that you can apply. I like the guiding verse for the book – “1 Peter 5:2 – Shepherd Well” because that is our mandate as marketplace leaders.

Jeremy rated it     
Dave Ramsey is great, and while you don’t read his books for his prose (he’s the first to admit that) there is so much to be said for his informal style, relying heavily on stories and parables. On all topics – debt, faith, character, leadership, child-rearing, marriage – he is so down to earth, but also very demanding that we can do better. And it makes sense as this is a guy who made his first million and then lost it before he was 25, then had the guts to write and self-publish his first book


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