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Publish: Published April 11th 2008 by Hachette Books (first published April 8th 2008)



Based on the extraordinary final lecture by Carnegie Mellon University professor Randy Pausch, given after he discovered he had pancreatic cancer, this moving book goes beyond the now-famous lecture to inspire readers to live each day with purpose and joy. Photos of Randy and his family and friends are included.

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Natalie rated it     
“Time is all you have and you may find one day that you have less than you think”We all have something to learn from Randy Pausch and how he lived his life. I knew nothing about Randy going into the book but quickly learned that he was a charismatic and brilliant Professor in Computer Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the age of 46 and after a round of unsuccessful treatment was given a looming death sentence. At the time of diagnosis, Randy was happily married with 3 young kids. Since he realized that his kids will grow up fatherless, he wanted to leave them with a tangible memory – so he gave a special lecture called “The Last Lecture” at his home University (you can find it on YouTube) and wrote a book with the same title, that became a bestseller. The book is comprised of very short chapters in which Randy talks about the importance of having childhood dreams, how he came to realise his own dreams and the lessons he learned from living his life. What surprised me the most was an incredible positive outlook Randy had on life – that was absolutely admirable, especially in light of the grim prognosis he was facing! He simply refused to feel sorry for himself and the fact that his life will come to an end so abruptly. The book is sprinkled with words of wisdom (although at times verging on cliche), advice and life lessons – I really hope that Randy’s children have appreciated the legacy their father has left them with and by doing so also shared his vision with thousands of readers. 

Shivam Kumar

Shivam Kumar rated it      
“The last lecture”, such a rejuvenating book!Deriving inspiration from the book and requesting everyone to stop for a moment, allow yourself to get free of your fascination for inanimate objects and materialism, let your body realise mental liberation, and think pragmatically to answer a question which is seemingly the foundation of the book, “What would you do if you were to live for a few months only?” Here comes another one, “Can you tell your whole life story in one hour?” 

To my surprise, Randy has answered both the questions excellently, and in the process, he has become an inspiration.

Once in a talk, I heard someone say, “Facebook will remind the world of Mark Zuckerberg. Microsoft will remind the world of Steve Jobs. And the list continues with people in science, technology, leadership, etc. The question which we all must address is what we will be remembered for when we are gone.”

Our those contributions which bring changes in people’s life leave a rock-hard trace of our existence in the race of people coming and dying without serving the purpose of a meaningful life. The book inspires to know priorities in life.

Gaurav Gupta

Gaurav Gupta rated it      
A great and inspiring read from a CMU computer science professor who is diagnosed with pancreas cancer and only has 3-6 months. He has 3 kids(6years, 3 years and 1.5 years) and wants to leave enough good memories of him to have a great life for his kids. He is not afraid that he will not be able to live those moments with kids, but he is concerned that his kids won’t get to live those moments with their father.Instead of crying and leaving it on fate, he chose to live his remaining life happily and delivered the last lecture for everyone he loved and for his kids to remember himself. The most interesting part was, the last lecture is not about his cancer or how he fought cancer, but it’s about achieving his childhood dreams. How he achieved his childhood dreams, and how his experiences, innate desire and the hard work brought him closer to achieving almost all of his childhood dreams. 

Full video of the lecture is available at:…

I loved few quotes a lot like, “Brick walls around everything great only to stop people who don’t want something badly enough” and “Don’t complain about everything, sometimes just work harder.”.


andreea rated it     
After being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, one of the most aggressive types of cancer, Randy Pausch decides to give one last lecture, which then turned into this book and in which he talks about his life and gives some advice to his readers.What I appreciated the most about this last lecture is Randy’s positive attitude that pervades the whole book. In fact, I couldn’t feel pity for him, only admiration. I found The Last Lecture very inspiring and I really liked two things in particular. First of all, I liked the part about the brick walls which, according to Randy Pausch, are there for a reason: to make you work even harder. Secondly, the fifth part/chapter was one of my favourites because I find very useful and agree on every single piece of advice he gave in this chapter, especially the ones about dreaming big and complaining less. 

This book also made me think and wonder about what would I do if I found out I only had three to six months to live. Would I be happy and proud of how I’ve lived my life up to that moment?


Lois rated it     
Really moving and puts everything into perspective. Live and love well; dream big and never stop dreaming.I found out about Randy Pausch through a clip from his videotaped Last Lecture in 2008; he had terminal cancer at only 47 years of age and had just months to live. But he’d decided early on to spend the last few months of his life, not in sadness, but quite the opposite. Randy loved life and was thankful for every experience he’d been lucky enough to live through; he joked and laughed while he could, made the most of every minute and made sure he regretted nothing. I think there’s a lot to learn from a man like that! He had three young children, aged 6, 2 and 1 who would have to grow up without him, and this book was, in his words, his message in a bottle that he hoped would wash up on the beach for his children at some point in the future — full of his ways on how to live a full and happy life. 

Extremely powerful.


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